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Further to our earlier communication, we wish to inform you that the National Consultative Forum will now be held from 7th to 9th October, 2015 at Twangale Park, Plot Number PP, Mukwa Drive, Lilayi in Lusaka.

In this regard, we wish to encourage you to attend as this is an important event which aims to solicit input/comments which will go toward the formulation of the draft Diaspora Policy document.

Please note that confirmation of attendance can either be made through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by filling out the registration form on the Ministry’s website: or through the High Commission of Zambia by email to: or

Note that those wishing to register through the High Commission should send their full names and contact details to any of the two emails above not later than Friday, 11th September, 2015.


Just a note to announce to you our valued stakeholders that apart from receiving new High Commissioner, His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba at our Mission in Pretoria, we have also had a shift of officer holders at Deputy High Commissioner and Accountant levels. Mr. Joe Kaunda, who was Deputy High Commissioner from 2011, has swapped with Ms. Philomena Kachesa who was Deputy High Commissioner at the Embassy of Zambia in Paris, France. Ms. Kachesa has since reported to office in Pretoria while her counterpart is also settling in well in Paris.

For the position of Second Secretary – Accounts, Mr. Mulenga Kachela has relocated and his position taken up by Mr. John Bwalya.

Please join us in wishing the three officers all the success in their duties at their new stations.

Ms. Philomena Kachesa

Ms. Philomena Kachesa

Mr. Joe Kaunda

Mr. Joe Kaunda



Citizens seeking land in Zambia can visit the Ministry of Lands website and go to the ‘Diaspora’ section where they can download application forms. Where possible, the High Commission in Pretoria will endorse their application to confirm the fact that they are resident in South Africa or indeed any of the other countries of extra-accreditation, i.e. the Kingdom of Lesotho or the Republic of Madagascar.

Below is an advertisement currently running in the media back in Zambia regarding the sale of plots in Chisamba area.





The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold a national consultative forum with various stakeholders as part of the process for the formulation of the Diaspora Policy. The forum will be held in Lusaka in October 2015, at a venue and date to be advised. Targeted stakeholders include Government Ministries/Institutions, diaspora associations, Parliamentarians, Non-Governmental Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, academicians, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the World Bank, the European Union and the private sector. The event is meant to serve as a platform from which the Ministry will solicit for input/comments on the diaspora engagement process.

In this regard, all Zambians living abroad, including, associations of Zambians are encouraged to attend the event. You are further advised to attend consultative meetings that will be arranged by the High Commission in due course in order to help us collect input/comments that will feed into the draft Diaspora Policy document. Please note that confirmations of attendance can be made through the Mission by email to or

Furthermore, we wish to inform you that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Partnership with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is currently conducting an online survey of Zambians in the diaspora as part of efforts by Government to maximize the development impact of migration and the resources of the diaspora community. The results of the survey will be used to inform the development of diaspora friendly policies and legislation aiming to make it easier for members of the Zambian diaspora to play a role in the national development process. The link for the survey: has been uploaded on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for ease of access. All personal information contained in this survey is strictly confidential and will not be released without prior consent of the respondents. We encourage you to provide your name, telephone number or email address, though this is not mandatory.

The Government of the Republic of Zambia, under the leadership of His Excellency, Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, has recognised the potential of the Zambian diaspora in the development of the country hence taking steps towards engaging Zambians in the diaspora who have demonstrated great interest in contributing to national development. Embarking on this process of formulating a Diaspora Policy is part of the Patriotic Front Government’s effort towards engaging Zambians in the diaspora in contributing to national development by making it possible for them to invest in the various sectors of the economy. The resolve to develop a Diaspora Policy comes on the realisation that concerted efforts by the Government in the past were not sufficient to enable Zambians in the diaspora to contribute to the development of the country as there was no policy framework to offer government the mode and terms of engagement with the diaspora.

The overall objective of the policy is to integrate the Zambian diaspora in the development agenda of the country by creating an enabling environment and platform for effective participation of the Zambian diaspora in national development.  The main focus of the policy will be to harness and maximize the efforts of the Zambian diaspora as a resource for development by:

  1. Increasing their participation in trade and investment opportunities, enhancing the transfer of financial resources by reducing the high cost of remitting money,
  2. Facilitating the acquisition of land,
  3. Protecting the rights and interests of the diaspora and;
  4. Facilitating online portal to offer information on the country.

The PF Government through the Ministry remains committed to ensuring that the Diaspora Policy document addresses the various challenges/constraints currently facing the Zambian diaspora such as dual citizenship, access to land and the high cost of remittances. It is anticipated that the Diaspora Policy document would be launched by the third quarter of 2015, given the political will that the Government of His Excellency, Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, has demonstrated in as far as the development of the policy is concerned.

Emmanuel Mwamba

High Commissioner


The High Commission of Zambia in South Africa would like to advise Zambians travelling to Durban to exercise caution at this time due to the high threat of attack on foreign nationals.

Although the pattern so far shows that shops owned by foreigners are being targeted, we would, however, wish to advise that you pay close attention to your personal security at all times and monitor the media for information about possible new safety or security risks.

The Mission is engaging all relevant South African Government wings to ensure the safety of all our citizens in South Africa.

Zambian citizens who travel to or reside in South Africa are urged to register with the High Commission to make it easier for the Mission to contact them in case of emergency. Online registration is available via Zambians without internet access may enroll directly with the Zambian Mission in Pretoria.

The Mission is located at 570, Ziervogel Street (Off Hamilton Street), Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa; telephone (+27) (012) 326-1847/97; fax (+27) (012) 326-2140.

In the event of an after-hours emergency, you may wish to contact:

+27 (0) 83 757 6499

+27 (0) 73 557   8328

+27 (0) 84 637 0900

+27 (0) 81 002 7548


This is to inform all Zambians resident in South Africa, particularly those in Gauteng Province and surrounding areas, that an urgent meeting has been called to discuss pertinent issues.


Date:  Sunday 12th April 2015


Venue: Cheeks Lodge, 6 Spekbom Road, Kempton Park,


Time: 15:00hrs.


Speakers: Zambian High Commission and ZASA officials

The Late Mr. Willie Nsanda’s body arrives in Zambia on Sunday

THE body of late Patriotic Front (PF) member of the Central Committee, Mr. Willie Nsanda will be transported to Zambia on Sunday, 29th March, 2015.

Mr. Nsanda’s remains will be flown from Johannesburg, South Africa, directly to Ndola before being transported to Kitwe by road. The funeral will be held at the late Mr. Nsanda’s house in Ganartone, Kitwe.

The body departs Johannesburg on South African Airways Flight SA 096 at 10:40 hours and is expected to arrive at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola at 12:20 hours.

Mourners are advised not to travel to Lusaka as the body will be transported directly to the Cobberbelt.

The Zambian High Commission in South Africa has organised a requiem mass for the late Mr. Nsanda which will be held at 13:00 hours on Friday, 27th March, 2015 at Thom Kight building in Johannesburg.

The late Mr. Nsanda’s father; PF member of the Central Committee, Mr. Samuel Mukupa and family members are also in South Africa and will accompany the body back to Zambia.


Issued by:

Mr. Davies Chama

Patriotic Front Secretary General

PRETORIA – Wednesday, 25th March, 2015





 The Governments of the Republic of Zambia and Zimbabwe are pleased to announce the launch of the Kavango Zambezi Trans-frontier Conservation Area (KAZA) UNIVISA on 28th November, 2014. The UNIVISA became effective on the launch date.

What is UNIVISA?

 The KAZA UNIVISA is a common tourist visa for the SADC region which shall be piloted by Zambia and Zimbabwe for six (6) months.  After the pilot period, the UNIVISA is intended to be rolled out to three (3) other countries in the KAZA region – namely Angola, Botswana and Namibia.  More countries in the SADC region are expected to join in the UNIVISA initiative at the later phase.

Zambia and Zimbabwe were selected to pilot the KAZA UNIVISA following the successful co-hosting of the 20th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly which facilitated seamless border crossing of delegates between the two countries.

Eligible Borders

The UNIVISA will be effective immediately after the launch on 28th November, 2014 and will be administered at eight (8) ports of entry as follows:

Zambia:                                                                                Zimbabwe:

KK International Airport                                                    Harare International Airport

Harry Mwaanga International Airport                           Victoria Falls international Airport

Victoria Falls Border                                                             Victoria Falls Border

Kazungula Border                                                                  Kazungula Border


The UNIVISA will be issued at a standard fee of US$50.


The KAZA UNIVISA will be valid for 30 days as long as you remain in Zambia and Zimbabwe. It also covers those who visit Botswana for day trips through the Kazungula Borders.

Eligible Countries

Citizens from 40 countries listed below shall be eligible for the KAZA UNIVISA obtainable at the eight (8) ports of entry stated above.

  1. Argentina
  2. Austria
  3. Australia
  4. Belgium
  5. Brazil
  6. Britain (UK)
  7. Brunei
  8. Burundi
  9. Canada
  10. Cook Islands
  11. Czech Republic
  12. Denmark
  13. Finland
  14. France
  15. Germany
  16. Greece
  17. Hungary
  18. Iceland
  19. Israel
  20. Italy
  21. Japan
  22. Liechtenstein
  23. Luxembourg
  24. Monaco
  25. Netherlands
  26. New Zealand
  27. Norway
  28. Poland
  29. Portugal
  30. Puerto Rico
  31. Russia
  32. Rwanda
  33. Slovakia Republic
  34. Slovenia Republic
  35. Spain
  36. Sweden
  37. Switzerland
  38. UAE
  39. Uruguay
  40. USA

Dedicated Counters

Each of the eight ports of entry stated above, will have a dedicated counter where the special visa will be processed using the KAZA UNIVISA enabled equipment.


Eligible tourists will save time and money because they will only need to obtain one visa to visit both countries.

Further Details

For further details and enquiries, please visit or email Zambia Tourism Board Tourism Authority

Play Your Part!

Please notify your clients, citizens of eligible countries, to start saving time and money now.

Issued by:

The Joint Marketing Team (Zambia/Zimbabwe)

 22nd November, 2014