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Pretoria Tuesday 27th June ,2017
Zambia says the high impact multi commodity and multi customer facility launched at Musina boarder post in South Africa will spur economic growth among countries in the SADC region

Zambia’s Deputy High Commissioner to South Africa Philomena Kachesa says the operationalisation of the Musina Intermodal Terminal (MIT) will ease the logistical problems that transporters used to face at the boader.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch of the MIT facility in Limpompo province, South Africa, Ms. Kachesa said the facility would be a logistics catalyst for regional trade as well as lower the costs of imports and exports.

She said Zambia would benefit from the facility as it would address the problems of transport logistics among the traders as there would be no unnecessary delays at the boarder

Ms Kachesa said the facility would also help address the objective of development integration among SADC countries

And Speaking when he launched the MIT, South Africa’s Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Rob Davies said the facility was a precursor to joint governments special economic zones in the region

He said the facility was expected to improve the efficiency of transport logistics offerings as the region was moving its focus from road to rail transport.
The launch was attended by several Ambassadors, High Commissioners and other governments representatives from the SADC region
Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary press and public relation

Zambia calls for Increased Regional Dialogue among Political, Religious and Traditional leaders to achieve reduction of new HIV infections and AIDS

Pretoria -Tuesday 20th June, 2017

Zambia has called for increased regional dialogue among political, religious and traditional leaders to achieve the goals of reducing new HIV infections and AIDS related deaths among key population in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

Zambia’s representative at the SAFAIDS regional consultative meeting being held in Pretoria, South Africa, Sydney Mushanga who is also Central Province Minister said increased involvement of leadership from political, religious and traditional sectors will serve to address stigma and discriminatory practices in society.
Mr Mushanga says increased collaboration among influential members of society will improve access by key population to HIV prevention,testing and treatment Services among citizens of different government in the SADC region.
He noted that Zambia had shown political will in addressing HIV/AIDS related issues by rolling out health facilities in different parts of the country as well as upgrading some clinics to hospital level to ensure that its citizens had easy access to HIV prevention and treatment services.

He added that Zambia’s participation at the regional Consortium and consultative meeting stands to benefit the country through exchange of information and strategies that various member countries are using to new HIV infections and AIDS related deaths among their population.

Zambia is among eight other countries that include Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Namibia that have formed a consortium, funded by Global Fund to implement the objective of reducing new HIV infections and AIDS related deaths among key population.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
Zambia High Commission
South Africa.
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Pretoria -Thursday 15th June, 2017
Zambian Mission in Pretoria, South Africa, has confirmed that preparations for the inauguration ceremony of Lesotho’s Prime Minister- Elect Dr Motsoahae Thomas Thabane have reached an advanced stage.
Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, with extra accreditation to Lesotho and Madagascar ,His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba confirmed that the ceremony which is expected to be attended by Zambian President H:E Edgar Chagwa Lungu will be held at the Setsotso stadium in the capital city of Maseru.
President Lungu, who is expected to be accompanied by Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba and other Government officials, will be among several Heads of States from the SADC region.
The ceremony follows a snap successful election which was declared as credible, free and fair by several Observer Missions.
Among the observers was Zambia’s former President Rupiah Banda who was leading observers from Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy (EISA), Former Mozambican President Joachim Chissano leading observers from the African Union (AU)
Other observer Mission leaders were Tanzanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Augustin Mahiga (Southern African Development Community (SADC)), and Ms. Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba (Commonwealth Observer Mission)
After the elections that were held on Saturday 3rd June 2017, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) declared the All Basotho Convention party (ABC) led by former Prime Minister, Dr. Thomas Thabane, to have won the majority seats totalling 48 out of the 120 seats in the National Assembly.

However, to form government, a party requires a minimum of 61 majority seats.
Dr. Thabane has since marshaled a coalition of parties comprising three other parties securing a total of 63 seats in the National Assembly.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
Zambia High Commission
South Africa.
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Pretoria –Wednesday 14th June, 2017
Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba has encouraged the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to consider setting up a Road Fund for road traffic accident victims
Mr Mwamba, says the establishment of the Road Traffic accident Compensation Fund will ensure that accident victims were adequately compensated in Zambia
Mr. Mwamba, who was speaking at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa when a delegation of Zambian officials from the Road Transport and Safety Agency and Zambia Law Development Commission paid a courtesy call on him said Zambia, should study the South African road safety and management system as it was impressive
He observed that South Africa had established a separate road fund system to compensate road accident victims and that there was urgent need for Zambia to emulate the system following the increase in the number of road accident victims that the country was experiencing
Mr. Mwamba further urged the Road Transport and Safety Agency to ensure that the designs of new roads had emergency lanes among other safety features as was the case with the South African roads.
He said effective study of the South African road management and safety system presented an opportunity to Zambia to ensure that road accident victims were adequately compensated
And delegation leader of the Review of the Road Transport Legal Institutional and Policy Framework, Samuel Nyirongo said the review of Road Transport and Safety in Zambia has become necessary following the increased number of accidents the country was experiencing
He said once legislation concerning road safety and management were harmonised, enforcement agencies would become more effective and relevant to the changing needs of society.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
Zambia High Commission
South Africa.
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ZASA Partners with the Hello Group of Companies to Serve Zambians Living in South Africa.

The Zambia Association in South Africa (ZASA) has partnered with the Hello Group of Companies to serve Zambians living in South Africa in the following:-

1. Hello Mobile – low cost international mobile solutions.
2. Hello Travel – Affordable international travel solutions.
3. Hello Cash – Real financial inclusion and solutions.
4. Hello Store – A new experience in retail business
5. Hello Media – your news, your views.
6. Hello Foundation – Giving back to the Zambians in need.
7. Hello Distribution – South Africa’s largest SIM card distribution.


Hello Paisa is an innovative and simple mobile cash service that helps migrants living in South Africa to make cash transactions with people from countries all over the world. With thousands of reputable pay-in and pay-out partners globally, Hello Paisa is not only convenient but also 100% legal and completely secure. Hello Paisa is one of just a few international companies that has been issued with a South African Reserve Bank license. Hello Paisa is disrupting the way in which people transact with money and is the leading mobile money solution across Africa.


1. Send and receive money from all over the world
2. Instant delivery world-wide
3. Peace of mind with 100% secure transactions
4. Avoid legal issues by dealing with money safely
5. Send money with your passport or asylum document – no need of a permit or SA ID.
6. Offer job opportunities to individuals who will be appointed as agents of Hello Paisa across all ZASA Branches countrywide.
7. Timely sponsorships will be awarded to ZASA on a number of functions e.g. Zambia Night and Zambia Independence Celebrations and some selected small family functions across the country.

We need to identify Zambians in need with various matters to benefit from this initiative.

All Zambians living in South Africa are requested to register with Hello Paisa and start enjoying the benefits immediately. NO need to have a permit, your Zambian Passport is enough. Register today and start sending cash to Zambia and beyond.

Moving forward, when you see ZASA, you will see Hello Paisa.

Thank you.

Ferdinand Simaanya
ZASA President

Foreign Affairs Minister of Madagascar Arrives in Zambia ahead of State Visit

Lusaka- Tuesday 06th June 2017

Madagascar Minister of Foreign Affairs Beatrice Atallah has arrived in Zambia ahead of the State visit.

President Hery Rajaonarimampianina is expected to arrive on Wednesday for a two state visit to Zambia.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba who is also accredited to Madagascar received Hon. Attalah at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA).

On hand also to receive Hon. Attalah was, Ambasador Lombe Chalwe, Permanent Secretary, Ministry ofForeign Affairs in Lusaka.

Hon. Attalah was accompanied by Chief of Protocal

President Rajaonarimampianina will visit Zambia from the 7th June- 8th June 2017

H:E Rajaonarimampianina will visit President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and also tour COMESA Head office as he is the current chairperson of the 19 member states body.

He will also visit a bottling plant and a commercial farm.


Pretoria 1st June , 2017
Zambia High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba has disclosed that 27 Zambian nationals are serving different jail sentences in the country’s correctional services.
He said of the 27,15 have been already been convicted and are serving various sentences.
Mr Mwamba says 12 Zambians have been remanded in different prison facilities across the country awaiting conclusion of their court cases.
This came to light after the Mission engaged the Department of International Relations and Corporation of the Republic of South Africa (DIRCO)on the status of Zambian Nationals in conflict with the law in the country.
Among the prisoners is Peter Saveka, 34, holder of NRC 201632166.who is serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder.
Others are identified as Thembo Sadik, 45, NRC number 207558050 Kennedy Ngulube, 40, NRC number 2132292994 and Christopher Ngando, 32, NRC 216393777 all convicted of Rape cases and serving jail terms ranging from 7 to 20 years.
Mr Mwamba added that Louis Banda, 28, NRC 213289710 was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for attempted murder.
Those awaiting conclusion of their trials include Eric muladuba 28, Patricia Kazembe 45 ,Watson Kahona 32 ,Daniel Phiri 37,Andrew Nawa 33,Owen Ndlovu 40, and joseph Mwape Phiri 30
Mr Mwamba has since advised the Zambian Community living in South Africa to refrain from activities that would find them in conflict with the law.
However, he said he was proud that an estimated number of 11,000 Zambians that are living in South Africa have maintained good behavior and are law abiding citizens.
He urged them to be good citizens, adding that the are representing Zambia abroad.
He has since called on family members to come forward and identify the people serving jail sentence in South Africa.
He also pledged to engage authorities on a possible prisoner exchange program so that nationals serving sentences can complete their sentences in Zambia.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
Zambia’s High Commission to South Africa.
South Africa.
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