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The BRICS Institute has offered 20 slots to Zambia for its Executive Leadership Program.

BRICS Institue Executive Head, Dr. Shiphra Chisha said the program targets very senior executives and policy makers such heads of Companies corporates or heads of ministries.

She said the participants could take the whole program in all five member states or choose the programs out of the five.

The program which takes the participants to then capitals of BRICS member states of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and is a practical executive management initiative aimed at developing world class leaders to help foster real economic growth and shared prosperity between nations.

The programs comprise five modules delivered in two monthly intervals over a period of one year in BRICS member states.

She said the first executive leadership program will be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to coincide with the BRICS Summit to be held in Brazil.

She said the program includes master classes that will be given by world-class and renowned business and economist personalities.

And Zambia High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba said his office will work closely with the Industrial Develooment Corporation(IDC) and relevant ministries to ensure that Zambia’s leaders from policy and the corporate participated in the program.

The BRICS Institute is an independent institute, directed by an advisory council comprising of members of the BRICS countries.

In this program it has partnered with Regenesys Business School.

The leadership program prepares participants to understand an over view of the economy and history of BRICS and opportunities and challenges in doing business with those countries.

It also gives technical insights to how these countries became the leading emerging economies in the world in the last 30 years.

Mrs. Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
Zambia’s High Commission, South Africa.



Former Republican President His Excellency Mr. Ruphia Banda has been nominated to lead an elections observer mission to the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) nominated Mr. Banda to be its lead observer for the forth coming election.

Mr. Banda will lead a team of 24 observers drawn from Civil Society Organizations and Election Management bodies from across Africa.

EISA Executive Director Denis Kadima said his organization was honored to invite the former President to be its lead observer to the elections, which he described as critical.

The observation mission would be a short term mission which was expected to last for nine (9) days starting on 12th to 20th February.

EISA is a Pan-African Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) specialized in democracy, elections and governance and promotion of credible elections on the African continent.

Mr. Banda has since left South Africa for the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he will chair the Eminent Panel meeting of Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB) alongside the 32nd African Union Head of State and Government Summit before proceeding to Abuja Nigeria.

Mrs. Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
Zambia’s High Commission, South Africa.
Tel: +27(0)12326-1847/97


Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya has assured the international community that Zambia remains politically and economically stable.
Ms Siliya says speculations that Zambia was losing its sovereignty to other countries and international financing institutions due to its debt position were misconceived.
Speaking to South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) reporter, Sophie Mokwena in Johannesburg, South Africa, Ms. Siliya emphasized that Zambia’s debt was sustainable.
She dispelled speculations that some State owned Enterprise (SoE) have been mortgaged to some countries as collateral for final assistance.
Ms. Siliya said Zambia was a friend to many countries across the world and multilateral institutions, as such, would continue engages its partners to help with development agenda.
She noted that Zambia was looking for partnerships that were beneficial both to its partners and the country at large.
And Ms. Siliya said the Zambian judiciary was a role model of an independent and professional judiciary on the African continent and the SADC region.
Ms. Siliya said the Zambian judiciary has demonstrated its independence by prosecuting cases that involve senior government officials and ministers accused of wrong doing
She noted that Zambia’s judiciary impressive track record was unparalleled among its peers and other countries world over.
Ms. Siliya said this was due to the fact that many people including Presidents have been dragged to court after being suspected of offending the laws.
Meanwhile, Ms. Siliya said government was in the process of enacting laws that are aimed at protecting citizens from cybercrimes as well as enhance national security.
Ms. Siliya said government has already taken three bills to Parliament that include data protection, security and electronic transactions laws to be able adequately protect the people.

She said once enacted, the laws will enable citizens to freely engage in the cyber space.
Ms. Siliya added that lack of adequate cyber laws in many African countries has affected innocent citizens negatively as they have become victims of wrong accusations and cyber bulling.

Ms. Siliya is on a bench marking visit to Multi-Choice south Africa to learn on best television practices especially in the wake of digital broadcasting.

Mrs. Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
Zambia’s High Commission, South Africa.
Tel: +27(0)12326-1847/97
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