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RB Calls on Farmers to Fully Participate in Food Production in Order to Make Zambia Food Secure

Pretoria 22nd November 2019

Former Republican President His Excellency Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda has called on farmers across the country to fully participate in food production in order to make Zambia food secure.

Mr. Banda says small scale farmers should take advantage of this year’s farming season to grow a variety of food crops as they were majority producers.

He mentioned that it was important for Zambia to be food secure by encouraging small scale farmers to fully participate in food production.

Mr. Banda said he was happy with the current farming input distribution strategies as most inputs were in-situ across the country.

He also called on young people to go into farming as there was available land for the activity.

Mr. Banda was speaking in South Africa when he transited to Republic of Mozambique where he has been invited by that country to attend former President Joaquim Alberto Chissano’s 80th birthday celebration.

He is also expected to attend a symposium under the theme “Mozambique’s Foreign Policy and Diplomacy from the Origins to the Present”.

The purpose of the symposium is to pay tribute to President Chissano for the important role he played in the building of a new and independent Mozambique as a diplomat and as a statesman.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission Pretoria South Africa


Government says about 800 youths across the country have been trained in aquaculture skills as part of youth empowerment program.

Sports, Youth and Child Development Minister Mr Emmanuel Mulenga says about 400 out of 800 have since graduated from Mwekera training centre on the Copperbelt.

Mr Mulenga said government through his Ministry and Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock have set about 30 percent of project funds for youth empowerment.

He said fingerlings for graduated youths are ready for their fish farming.

Mr Mulenga noted that youth empowerment in the fisheries sector was cardinal as it would help facilitate economic development and job creation among the youths.

He mentioned that his Ministry was recruiting an average of 400 youths from across the country every quarter to be trained in various skills that included carpentry and aquaculture among others.

Mr. Mulenga, however bemoaned failure by some youths enterprises to pay back seed money given to them.

He said this was affecting expansion programs aimed at increasing the number of youth beneficiaries.

Mr. Mulenga was speaking in South Africa when he met staff from the Zambian Mission in Pretoria enroute to Lesotho where he was attending an African Union Sports Council conference for zone five games

Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission South Africa
Pretoria, South Africa.


The Public Service Commission says it is working closely with Smart Zambia to ensure ghost workers are removed from the payroll.

Commission Secretary Geoffrey Kamfwa says the Commission has discovered that some civil servants on the Copperbelt are drawing more than one salary from different paypoints.

Speaking in Pretoria, South Africa when he paid a courtesy call on Zambia’s High Commissioner to that country Major General Jackson Miti, Mr. Kamfwa said the on-going payroll clean up for the Copperbelt province has revealed alot of anomalies.

He mentioned that further discoveries have shown that some civil servant were also drawing allowances such as rural hardship which they were not entitled to as they were serving in urban areas.

“Government would roll out a payroll clean up exercise countrywide to ensure it does not waste money” Mr Kamfwa said.

He said the 4000 salaries accounts that have been blocked on the Copperbelt would remain suspended until the owners were clearly identified and validated.

Mr. Kamfwa denied claims that the clean up exercise was meant to victimise some workers but clarified that it was meant to save money which government was losing.

He said the saved resources would be channeled towards the provision of social, health and economic services to members of the public in various parts of the country.

The Zambian Public Service Commission is in South Africa for the Association of African Public Service Commission (AAPSCOMS) consultative meetings.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali,
First Secretary Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission in Pretoria South Africa.


Pretoria – 6th November,2019

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Major General Jackson Miti says the 2nd South African Investment Conference was a good platform to show case Zambia’s economic potential to investors.

Major General Miti said the investment conference provided a platform for exhange of information on how to improve and enhance economies among African countries.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the South African Investment conference officiated by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in Johannesburg.

He mentioned that Zambia was making strides in improving her economy by attracting investments in various sectors.

Major General Miti noted that various South African companies and business entities have invested in the Zambian economy.

Zambia was among several African countries and business executives that took part in the 2nd South African investment conference.

The conference, which was officially opened by President Cyril Ramaphosa, allowed Heads of Mission accredited to that country to share information on existing investment opportunities in respective countries.

Over one thousand investors and business executives from across the globe attended the conference.

Among issues discussed were the fourth Industrial revolution in Africa as well as growth and funding of small and emerging businesses Others included innovators and entrepreneurs growing, and scaling- up small and medium businesses.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission Pretoria South Africa