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For persons who wish to bestow their Zambia Citizenship, the procedure is as
1. Complete Bestowal of Citizenship Application Form (Form VII)
2. Pay prescribed fee of Three Hundred and Fifty Rand (R350=00)
3. Mission to forward duly completed form to Passport Office, Lusaka
– Attach supporting documents to Applications
4. Upon Citizenship Board Approval, letters of approval will be sent back to the
5. Applicants will be requested to complete an Oath of Allegiance and pay Five
Thousand Five Hundred Rand. (R5,500=00) for the Certificate of Bestowal.
6. Oath of Allegiance and receipt for payment should be forwarded to Passport
Office, Lusaka; for issuance of Certificate of Bestowal.
7. Certificate of Bestowal will be forwarded to the Mission for onward
transmission to the Applicant.
Dual Citizenship Guidelines for
Children below the age of 21 years

Below 21 years of age
All children below 21 years of age holding South African Citizenship can apply for
Zambian passports as long as at the time of birth both parents or one parent was/ is

Above 21 years of age
For children above 21 years of age holding South African Citizenship, they will first
need to apply for Zambian Registration.

Supporting Documents to submit for
Bestowal of Citizenship
– National Registration Card Copy
– Zambian Passport Copy
– Current Foreign Passport Copy
– Renunciation Certificate Applicant Renounced
– Parents National Registration Card Copies if available
– Birth Certificate Copy if available
– Four Passport size copies
– Finger Prints from the Police
– Application Fee of R350=00 to be deposited into the Zambia High
Commission Account

Travel Advisory to South Africa
From 1st to 4th September 2019.

Pretoria_Monday 26th,2019

The Zambia High Commission in Pretoria South Africa has observed with concern reports of some Zambian Truck Drivers being threatened with Violence following a planned Nationwide work stoppage by the South African Truck Drivers.

According to the information made available to the Zambian Mission some Zambian Truck Drivers have faced physical attacks and threats from their South African counterparts who are fighting for better condition of services from their employers.

So far a notice from an unidentified Association alleging to represent South African Truck Drivers have been issued calling for Nationwide work stoppage among South African drivers from 2nd September.

It is with this background that the Mission would like to advise all Zambian Truck Drivers who are sheduled to travel to South Africa on the Mentioned dates not to do so until security is guaranteed.

The Mission would also want to advise Zambian Truck Drivers who will enter or would be working in South Africa on the 2nd of September 2019 to park their Trucks in safe and secure designated places in order to avoid loss of life and property.

The Mission has in the past engaged Department of International Relations DIRCO on the safety of Zambian Truck drivers and assured the Mission of tight security measures that the South African Government was putting in place.

First Secretary Press and Public Relations

Zambia High Commission Pretoria South Africa

Mrs Naomi Nyawali.


The Zambia High Commission in South Africa wishes to inform the Zambian Community in South Africa that the visa policy with regards the above stated nationals who used to obtain Visas at the ports of Entry has been revised.

This follows the signing of bilateral agreements between the government of the republic of Zambia and the Government of the Republic of Angola on reciprocal visa exemption for diplomats ,official and ordinary passport holders on the 2nd May ,2018.

The policy Adjustments will have the following implications
Holder of Valid Angolan Diplomatic and Official passports shall be exempted from getting Visas to enter into or transit through Zambia.

Holders of Valid Angolan Ordinary passports intending to enter Zambia for holiday, tourism, family visits ,official and private business, as well as in transit shall be exempt from getting Visas

His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba said in view of the above and effective from 16th August ,2018 has hereby directed all to implement the above VISA policy adjustments

Zambia has issued a second travel advisory alert issued to truck drivers and transporters entering South Africa.

The advisory alert follows reported fresh wave of sporadic attacks on foreign registered trucks driven by foreign nationals.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba says truckers and truck drivers should remain alert and follow security protocols issued by the South African government

He said it was cardinal that truckers should always use highways as they were well secured with high police presence and where regular highway patrols were conducted.

Mr. Mwamba said he has been assured by the South African government of intensive security measures that have been established which included police presence at boarder and crossing points and toll gates on all major highways.

He has also called on Zambian truckers to avoid using routes which were experiencing picketing, protests or demonstrations of any kind in order to save lives and goods.

Mr Mwamba noted that trade between the two countries would not be disrupted as the government of the Republic of South Africa had assured of stringent security and safety measures.

About six Zambian registered trucks were recently caught up in seperate local violent protests

The six trucks were petrol bombed in that country following violent protests that erupted in Limpopo and Kwazulu Natal provinces, however, no lives were lost in the attacks.

The Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship says following the introduction of Dual Citizenship under the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment No. 2 of 2016) is pleased to advise the Zambians living in South Africa as follows:

 Under Article 39(1) “A citizen shall not lose citizenship by acquiring citizenship of another country”.
Such persons will be required to notify the Board of the acquisition of that other citizenship by completing and submitting Notice of acquisition of Citizenship of another country form (Form VI) in accordance with Section 9(1) of Statutory Instrument No. 50 of 2017.

 Under Article 39(2) “A citizen who ceased to be a citizen before the commencement of this Constitution as a result of acquiring the citizenship of another country shall be entitled to apply as prescribed to the Citizenship Board of Zambia for Citizenship and the Citizenship Board of Zambia shall bestow citizenship on that person.

 For persons who wish to bestow their Zambian Citizenship, the procedure is as follows:

i. Complete Bestowal of Citizenship applications form (Form VII)
ii. Pay prescribed processing fee of three hundred Zambian Kwacha (K300) equivalent.
iii. Mission to forward duly completed form to Passport Office, Lusaka. Note: To attach copies of their previous passports and National Registration Cards.
iv. Upon citizenship Board approval, letters of approval will be sent back to the Mission.
v. Applicants will be required to complete an oath of allegiance and pay five thousand Kwacha (K5, 000) equivalent for the Certificate of Bestowal.
vi. Oath of allegiance and receipt for payment should be forwarded to Passport Office, Lusaka for issuance of Certificate of Bestowal.
vii. Certificate of Bestowal will be forwarded to the Mission for onward transmission to the applicants.

Emmanuel Mwamba
Republic of South Africa


The Zambia High Commission in South Africa wishes to inform the Zambian Community in south Africa to attend the memorial service and burial ceremony of the late brother CONSTATINO KAPUNGWE KAUNDA. Regional Superior of the brothers of Charity.
The Funeral gathering is being held at 59 rose street Florida whilst the memorial service will take place on Wednesday the 24th of January 2018 at st John the apostle Parish on the High way road next to st Catherine Convert School In Florida Johannesburg the Burial will be on Saturday the 27th of January 2018 at Pax College in Polokwane at 9;30 hrs.
On Thursday all brothers of the Parish will move to polokwane where the funeral and burial will be held.
His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba has wished the family and the Church God’s Strength and guidance during the period of bereavement.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Mr Emmanuel Mwamba has called on Zambians living in South Africa to participate in the events to commemorate Independence Day and Day of National Prayer

He urged Zambians based in South Africa to observe the Zambia National Day of prayer which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 21st October 2017.

Mr. Mwamba has encouraged all Zambians to take part in the prayer and fasting programme that would be held at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria.

Mr. Mwamba said it was cardinal that Zambians participated in the program as it was an important event, further indicating that participants were expected to gather at the Chancery for prayer and where breaking of the Fast will take place.

He said National day of Prayer and Fasting was a declared as national day and holiday as such, it was important that Zambians in Diaspora joined their fellow citizens in commemorating the day.

And Mr. Mwamba has also encouraged Zambians living in South Africa to participate in the forthcoming 53rd independence anniversary that will be held at the Embassy as it was one way of uniting the people.

He said as a country, Zambia needs to consolidate the proud record of peace and unity that the country has scored over the years by encouraging Zambians in Diaspora to reconnect with the roots of their country.


On Wednesday July 5th 2017, His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia, proclaimed the Preservation of Public Security as provided for under Article 31 of the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia contained in a statutory instrument(SI) No. 53 of 2017.
This proclamation would last for a period of seven days for which it would require Parliament approval if it went beyond seven (7) days.
In the event that Parliament approved, it would only be there for a period of three (3) months.
This measure is a democratic standard world over in the circumstances where there is a possible security threat to public safety or public peace, even when the incidents are isolated.
Please be informed that this is NOT a State of Public Emergency.
Further be notified that there is no Curfew, no restrictions in movements, and no constitutional freedoms have been suspended to Zambians, residents, travelers, tourists or any foreigner.
This action and measure is designed to immediately curb recent reported acts of isolated vandalism to public property and to help maintain Law and Order.
We wish to emphasize that the Zambian government has not declared any state of emergency.
Please be informed that business is going on normally, banks are operating normal hours, shops, hotels, and all public places remain open.
All airline flights to Zambia have kept their schedules and there has been no cancellation or rescheduling of any flights including night flights.
All tourist spots remain open and no special restrictions exists against members of the public or foreign visitors.
The action was also done to protect existing public and private investments.
This was also done to ensure that Zambia maintains its reputed image of a peaceful country and friendly country ready for investment and tourism Our quest is to guard our renowned peace jealously.

His Excellency
Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba
Zambia’s High Commissioner to
South Africa Pretoria South Africa

ZASA Partners with the Hello Group of Companies to Serve Zambians Living in South Africa.

The Zambia Association in South Africa (ZASA) has partnered with the Hello Group of Companies to serve Zambians living in South Africa in the following:-

1. Hello Mobile – low cost international mobile solutions.
2. Hello Travel – Affordable international travel solutions.
3. Hello Cash – Real financial inclusion and solutions.
4. Hello Store – A new experience in retail business
5. Hello Media – your news, your views.
6. Hello Foundation – Giving back to the Zambians in need.
7. Hello Distribution – South Africa’s largest SIM card distribution.


Hello Paisa is an innovative and simple mobile cash service that helps migrants living in South Africa to make cash transactions with people from countries all over the world. With thousands of reputable pay-in and pay-out partners globally, Hello Paisa is not only convenient but also 100% legal and completely secure. Hello Paisa is one of just a few international companies that has been issued with a South African Reserve Bank license. Hello Paisa is disrupting the way in which people transact with money and is the leading mobile money solution across Africa.


1. Send and receive money from all over the world
2. Instant delivery world-wide
3. Peace of mind with 100% secure transactions
4. Avoid legal issues by dealing with money safely
5. Send money with your passport or asylum document – no need of a permit or SA ID.
6. Offer job opportunities to individuals who will be appointed as agents of Hello Paisa across all ZASA Branches countrywide.
7. Timely sponsorships will be awarded to ZASA on a number of functions e.g. Zambia Night and Zambia Independence Celebrations and some selected small family functions across the country.

We need to identify Zambians in need with various matters to benefit from this initiative.

All Zambians living in South Africa are requested to register with Hello Paisa and start enjoying the benefits immediately. NO need to have a permit, your Zambian Passport is enough. Register today and start sending cash to Zambia and beyond.

Moving forward, when you see ZASA, you will see Hello Paisa.

Thank you.

Ferdinand Simaanya
ZASA President



Zambia hosts the 2017 CAF Under-20 Africa Cup of Nations from February 26 to March 12. Zambia is in Group A with Egypt, Guinea and Mali to play matches at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka. Levy Mwanawasa stadium will host Group B involving Cameron, South Africa, Sudan and Senegal. This will be the country’s first ever staging of a CAF tournament.

The top four teams will qualify for the 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup to be held in South Korea from 20th May to 11th June. The Local Organizing Committee has left no stone unturned to ensure a successful tournament with full support from the government of Zambia to Football Association of Zambia and Zambia Tourism Agency who are part of the Local Organizing Committee. Zambia Tourism Agency sees the tournament as a good platform to expose and market its tourism sector to the large number of visitors.


Tickets are available from Comp ticket from Shoprite stores countywide (Zambia) and all Zampost offices throughout the country.


Open Wing     –   K10       US $1

Grandstand    –    K20      US $2

VIP                   –    K200    US $20


Open wings    –    K20       US$2

Grand Stand   –   K 40       US$4

VIP                    –   K400     US$40


Open wings     –   K20      US$2

Grand Stand   –   K40       US$4

VIP                    –   K400    US$40


Group A games will be played at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka whilst Group B games will be played at Levey Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.




Protea Hotel

Best Western Plus Lusaka Grand Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel


Welcome to Ndola, Zambia’s third largest city. Its locally known as the friendly city and It’s the get way to the mineral producing region of the country. Ndola lies some 320 kilometers north of Lusaka.

Because Zambia is a football loving nation, many games are always played at the magnificent Levy Mwanawasa Stadium (Ndola Stadium) in Ndola. Why not join in the great fun as you watch different games at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.


Protea Hotel Ndola

Mukuba Hotel Ndola

New Ambassador Hotel


Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage

Copperbelt Museum

Nsobe Game Camp

Lake Kashiba

Dag Hammarskjold Site


Lake Kashiba

The site is situated in the Mpongwe District of the Copperbelt province. The lake is 100-meter-deep Lake Kashiba, Further south on the Kapiri Mposhi road. Both lakes have local cultural significance and are formed by the collapse of surface rock into the underlying limestone. Lake Kashiba offers basic camping facilities, safe swimming and good bird watching.

Dag Hammarskjöld Crash Site

The Dag Hammarskjöld Memorial Crash Site marks the place of the plane crash in which Dag Hammarskjöld, the second and then-incumbent United Nations Secretary General was killed on 17 September 1961, while on a mission to the Congo Republic

Other National Monuments and sites of interest in the North-West Region include: Collier Monument (Luanshya)

Lake Chilengwa (Ndola),

Mpongwe Fortified Village (Mpongwe) Moir and Bell (Mufulira)

Ndola Slave Tree (Ndola) and Dag Hammarskjöld Crash Site (Ndola)

Copperbelt Museum

in Buteko Ave, diagonally opposite the New Savoy Hotel. It has many interesting samples of the minerals found here as well as cultural arts and crafts.

Lake Chilengwa, lying about sixteen kilometres southeast of Ndola is one of two sunken lakes found on the Copperbelt. Lake Chilengwa is right on the Zairean border and Armed policemen found at the roadblock at Chiwala school will accompany any visitors to the lake.


Protea Hotels and Mukuba Hotels offer both international and local dishes. The Mukuba and Kafubu shopping Malls sums it up for any activity.


Lusaka is a great a city   with   new modern infrastructure as well as many shopping malls around the city. Zambians do love family and friend outing.  The city prides itself with a variety range of restaurants offering both local cuisine (Zambian dishes) as well as wide variety of international cuisine. Feel free to explore the different tastes of cuisine and the hospitality of the Zambian people.


1) Kumushi- the restaurant name means “village” in the local Zambian language called Bemba. This restaurant is found in the Lusaka Showgrounds and its open daily from 09:30 AM -17:30 PM

open Daily except Saturday and Sundays

Contacts: +260 977 876555

2)  Food Passions-

Nalubutu Road off Addis Ababa road

Contact: +260 97 6 237685/ 095 3 597590

Open Daily except Sundays

3.Twapadula 4 Mishemi Road, Longacres

Lusaka – Zambia

Tel :21 122 97 64

Cell: +260 97 7 899590

3) Mulungushi International Conference Centre- Opposite Arcades Shopping Malls

Open throughout the week

International Restaurants

Herewith below are some of the international restaurants found in Lusaka

Name of Restaurant: Marlin

If you love steak, the Marlin Restaurant is the place to be.

The Menu features an array of prime cuts of beef. Marlin’s also serves seafood and vegetarian dishes so there is something to suit every palette.

Address: Marlin Restaurant, The Lusaka Club, Los Angeles Boulevard, Longacres

Contact: +260 211 252206

Name of Restaurant: The Deli

The Deli provides fresh, health and hearty food made from organic and locally sourced produce. Plates are accompanied by an amazing array of wines and beers to suit every taste.

Plot 1196 Lunzua Road, Rhodes Park Lusaka Zambia

Contact: +260 97 1776119

The Retreat Restaurant.

The Retreat provides a calm and relaxing environment for its visitors serving delicious food and great wine. The atmosphere is laid back amplified by soft seating and lounge areas which encircle a central pool area.

The Retreat, Roma Park, 609 Zambezi Drive Lusaka, Zambia

Contact: +260 967 980232

3 trees Restaurant

From the lush garden, outside to the sophisticated interior, you now have the perfect setting to enjoy a wide selection of food to suit every palette. Our wonderfully varied menu, spiced up with weekly specials, will cater for all, while our separate sushi bar will delight those who enjoy the finer Japanese food craft. Along with the beautiful ambiance, inspire you to enjoy Lusaka’s finest new establishment.

OFF Addis Ababa, 2 Nkanchilbaya Road

Lusaka, Zambia

Contact: +260 97 8728652

Roan and Sable Café and Grill – its junction of sable and roan

The Roan and Sable is a perfect mix of Cafe & Grill. Smoothies, cappuccinos and perfectly grilled mature grain-fed beef cuts – a foodie’s paradise!

The Roan and Sable building is one of the oldest buildings in Lusaka and was once situated in the center of farmlands – the old Kabulonga farmhouse.

The Roan and Sable building is one of the oldest buildings in Lusaka and was once situated in the center of farmlands -the old Kabulonga farmhouse.

Come see for yourself, the charm and authenticity of the place will leave you wanting more….

Address: Chila Rd, Kabulonga Lusaka

Phone:+260 97 3944170

Open Daily: 06:30-9:00 PM

Bombay Lounge at East Park

For Indian dishes

Mint Lounge at Arcades

´Located in the Acacia park, just next to one of Lusaka’s busy shopping malls, Arcades in a quiet and peaceful environment. The Mint Lounge is tastefully decorated in bright but muted colours. A sanctuary for people who want to enjoy healthy, fresh and delicious meals and drinks, made to tickle your taste buds with every bite….

+26 0975 071 505/ 0965 773 774/0955 773 770

Name:  37D Gallery

Description:  37d Gallery provides a dynamic and sustainable showcase for emerging and established artists to exhibit and well selected art works to an ever growing local and international market

Location:  37D, Middle way Kabulonga (at the junction of Chindo and Leopard’s Hill Road, turn left onto Chindo Road and then right onto Middleway)

Open:                 Monday- Friday 09:00-17:00

Contact: +260 97 3 006919


Embassy Park

Description: The burial sites of former presidents. The site is open to the Public

Location:  Independence Avenue, opposite Cabinet Office Lusaka

Charges:  free


Herewith some places you could either listern to some Jazz live perfomance as well as Zambian music.


– Times Café, – Arcades Shopping Mall

– Keg and Lion- East Park Mall

– Che Ntemba Kabulonga

– Club 101

– Chicagos

– The Lounge-Northmead

– G Greens


Every Thursdays;  O’Hagan’s from 19;00hours to 21:00hours –Times

Every Fridays: Kalahari, Zambian music

Twacumms:   Saturday

Misty Restaurant and Cafe- need to change with them on days and time

The Misty Jazz Restaurant and Café is a live music venue providing an extensive bar and restaurant with high quality food located within the Levy Business Park Mall.

Misty Restaurant is a cozy live music dine offering a selection of exquisite international fusion dishes – all freshly prepared. Our lavishly decorated and trendy bar boasts an international wine list and selection of beers, ciders, spirits and luscious infused cocktails.

Chrismar hotel- need to change with them on days and time

Every Fridays and Saturday from 21:00-24:00, resident band no parking band

Taj Pamodzi-  in Steak and Grills Restaurant

Daily from 19:00hours till midnight

Getting there:

By Road;

6 hours drive by road from Lusaka. You can either hire a Car or get on Public transportation.

By Air

We have scheduled flights operated by Proflight and takes 1hour 10mins

By train

This train is from Kitwe, Kapiri Mposhi and Lusaka to Livingstone on selected days.

Necessary bookings can be made from the following companies: –

Juls Africa Limited +260211 293972

Going Places + 260975 063 499

Romeki Travel and car hire +260 211 221594

Sepiso Car hire +260211 220388

Benmark Travel +260211 292192


For more information on what you can do and where you can stay in Zambia, please call:

The Zambia Tourism Agency on +260 211 229087.

You can also view the fixtures on our website here 

And see what else you can do in Zambia on our website