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Pretoria -Thursday, 12th July, 2018
Zambia has expressed happiness with the improved economic growth it has continued to record since 2016.
Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba says the improved economic growth the country has recorded was as a result of increased investor confidence and recovery of global commodity prices.
Speaking at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) macroeconomic peer review mechanism panel meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mr. Yamba said other factors that have contributed to Zambia’s improved economic growth were the improved performance of the agriculture sector and hydro –power generation, which had previously been hampered by adverse weather conditions.
Mr Yamba noted that the stringent monitory policy pursued by government through the Bank of Zambia has resulted in the appreciation of the kwacha against major convertible currencies as well as deceleration in inflation rate.
He observed that Zambia has continued to improve its fiscal deficit which stood at 7.6 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2017 from 9.4 percent of GDP in 2015, as such, government would endeavour to limit the growth of public debt by improving debt management.
Mr. Yamba said this will be achieved by altering the debt structure to achieve 60 percent domestic and 40 percent external debt.
He said other measures that government will endeavour to implement in order to reduce fiscal deficit will include acceleration of economic diversification process, integration of economically marginalised rural areas into dynamic of the economy and strengthened revenue mobilisation methods among other measure.
And Mr. Yamba disclosed that a team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was next week expected in the country as a continuation of the consultative process.
He said the IMF’s mission visit to Zambia follows the successful submission of data that the fund had requested for.
Mr. Yamba said the meeting was expected to reconcile figures between the two parties and find the best way forward.

Mrs. Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
Zambia’s High Commission, South Africa.



Pretoria, 27th June,2018

Zambia says it will consider putting up a gas pipeline from gas rich neighbouring countries into Zambia .

Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa says the importation of gas will help Meet the demand for Energy in the country.

Mr. Nkhuwa also said Zambia had heightened both oil and gas exploration and was hopeful these resources will be found and exploited.

Mr Nkhuwa says the private Sector has already shown interest in the construction of a gas pipeline from Mozambique into Zambia.

He mentioned that the alternative energy sources would reduce the demand placed on Hydro electricity supply in Zambia.

Mr Nkhuwa says Zambia needed to interact more with the neighbouring SADC Countries in order to benefit from regional development.

He was speaking at the 37th SADC Meeting of Ministers responsible for Energy and water held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg South Africa.

And Mr Nkhuwa disclosed that the energy inter-connector power project between Zambia and Tanzania has reached 50% completion rate.

He said construction of transmission lines is expected to be completed and operational by the end of the year including the kolowezi inter Connector project with Angola.

Mr Nkhuwa mentioned that the project would help evacuate power from countries of surplus to connect to countries of deficit to stabilise energy demand in the SADC region.

He added that their is need for countries to migrant to smart grid system of power supply and distribution.

He noted that the current system was outdated therefore causing damages to power plants
Meanwhile Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba says the installed generation capacity was 68324 MW and to meet the deficit in the region,countries needed to invest in generation of power from various sources of power.

He said these include solar, wind and gas to achieve and generate mix that guarantees energy stability in the

Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission Pretoria South Africa


Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba has underscored the need for all stakeholders to play their role in ensuring that the 10,000 megawatts power deficit in the southern region is addressed.

Speaking during a meeting organised by the Zambia -South Africa Business Forum and the ministry of Energy Office for Promoting Private Power Investment OPPI for power producers.Mr Mwamba noted that the private sector needs to take up the role of driving the energy sector and taking advantage of the investment enabling environment that has been created in Zambia as government works on diversifying power sources.

He said It is not always that government has money to address some problems but private sector ideas can actualize solutions to the energy needs of the country and the region, adding that it was up to all the stakeholders to work together in ensuring that the projects are actualized.

“I have attended many meetings where our leaders have talked about industrialization and development, they want free movement of people and free movement of goods and services and somehow it remains like mere rhetoric. So it is up to you the private sector, our office and government to find ways of ensuring that these aspirations are actualized.” He said.

Mr Mwamba added that if all the projects planned by the players in the room took off, they would address the 10 thousand megawatts power deficit in the SADC region and beyond.

South Africa as a country invests up to significant portion of funds of its national budget into the region and the trouble is we never pick up that money, for their strategic reasons, they want to invest in our energy sector to ensure that we are energy secure and our transport corridors are clear and you as investors can take advantage of that money being given to Africa for the African Union integration and also to ease trade facilitation for South African businesses. The High Commissioner said.

He noted that Zambia has sufficient water for hydro power generation, sufficient sunshine for solar, a lot of coal and many natural resources to provide alternative sources of energy. “So there is a lot of opportunity and diversity for investment in Zambia’s energy sector, take advantage of it!” He said.

The Zambian envoy to South Africa is in the country with a delegation of about 25 South African businesses interested in investing in Zambia in sectors such as mining, energy, rail transport among others.


Pretoria –Friday, 8th June, 2018

FORMER Republican President Mr. Rupiah Banda says investors have shown deep confidence in the Zambian economy by investing in different sectors of the country

Mr Banda says Zambia has seen an increase in investment portfolios by different investors due to the growing confidence in the Zambian economy.

Speaking at the launch of additional flit for Time Trucking Company ,a Zambian registered trucking company In Boksburg South Africa, He said the increasing confidence of investors in the Zambian economy will help create employment for the local people.

Mr Banda said he was happy that Zambia was strengthening its international diplomacy with other countries, particularly South Africa, as this will increase bilateral trade between the two countries.

He called on Zambian business entities to take advantage of the existing good relations between the two countries to expand their business operations by investing in the transportation sector.

Mr. Banda observed that the sector was cardinal to the development of the two economies as it would help to ease the transportation of goods and services

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First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
Zambia’s High Commission, South Africa.
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Pretoria- Thursday 14th June 2018

Zambia says she is open to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to raise Finances for recapitalization of the railway sector.

Zambia Railways Board Chairperson Lubinda Linyama says Private Partnership was important in order to enhance strategic activities and grow business for the rail sector in Zambia.

Speaking during the 2018 Africa Rail Conference at the Convention centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mr. Linyama said the economic growth and development of the sector was largely dependant on infrastructure and transportation which could be done through FDIS.

He said through Private Partnership, government intends to develop 8 main greenfield railway spur that will connect the country to all regional trade Corridors.

Mr Linyama added that his firm will consider the development of an Urban railway train system to decongest Lusaka

He noted that the conference was more beneficial to Zambia as it provided a platform to engage investors and showcase the investment opportunities that exist in the country.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba says the railway sector requires that the transport corridors is jointly planned with other SADC countries that are developed.

He said he was happy with the co-operation being given to the sector by the region.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission Pretoria South Africa



Pretoria- Sunday 27th May 2018

Zambia Under 20 team has scooped the Regional Annual Sports Award for best sports team of the year 2018.

The award was received on behalf of the team by Solomon Sakala of ZESCO who is the captain of the Zambia Under 20 national soccer team.

The prestigious event was held at the Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre in Johannesburg South Africa.

Zambia were run-up in the category for coach of the year, where Beston “Quicksilver” Chambeshi was nominated for winning the Under-20 Africa Cup and for taking the Zambia Under-20 to the world cup in South Korea as quarter finalist.

Zambia also had Kennedy Luchembe as run-up. Luchembe is a gold medalist from the Commonwealth Youth Games held in Bahamas.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba, said he was pleased that Zambia has began to regain its past glory in sports.

He urged corporate institutions to invest in sports to complement what government was doing.

He said more companies beyond mining and financial institutions should partner with government in investing in sports.

He stated quoting Nelson Mandela that “Sport has the power to change the world, it has the power to unite and to speak to the youth in a language they understand”.

The regional sports awards started with nine countries that included South Africa, Botswana, Namibia Zimbabwe and others.

Meanwhile South Africa’s Sports Minister Tokozile Xasa said sports bring Unity OF Africans

She said unity would guarantee prosperity of African countries.

She added that sports will be one of the pillars that will help achieve the African Union 2063 development agenda.

The regional awards are held by the sports arm of the African Union, the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) which is divided in five regions.

Naomi Nyawali First Secretary Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission Pretoria South Africa



Pretoria- Wednesday 16th May 2018

The South African Government has assured the Zambian Truck Drivers and Transporters travelling to South Africa of Safety.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba was assured in a meeting held at the Department of International Relations and Cooperation DIRCO in Pretoria.

Mr Mwamba said, safety Measures have been put in place at highways, borders and Toll Plazas have been secured and have now been given a higher security presence.

He said the roads and high-ways international truck drivers use will also benefit from increased police patrols.

In the meeting Mr. Mwamba also expressed concern that the perceived rising feelings against foreign nationals, especially Africans in South Africa required urgent attention and coordinated efforts by all to avoid loss of life and property.

Mr. Mwamba said he was comforted to learn that suspected perpetrators who burnt the trucks have been arrested in both incidences and have been arraigned before courts.

On two separate incidences, protesters burnt trucks in Kwazulu Natal and Limpopo province in which 6 Zambian trucks were caught up and burnt to ashes.

The most serious incidence occurred when over 30 foreign trucks were burnt or damaged, near the Mooi River Toll Plaza on the N3 Freeway in Kwazulu Natal.

In this incidence, the South African Police Service (SAPS) arrested 54 people involved in the violent protest.

Another incident occurred near Groblersbrug near Bostwana- South African border where 3 Zambian trucks were burnt by angry protesters five people have since been arrested by the Police.

The five suspects appeared in the Phalala Magistrate court on charges of Assault and Malicious damage to property

Mr Mwamba Further Confirmed that the attempt by the Five suspects to appeal for release from Custody on bail was denied by the Polokwane High court and are expected to appear back in court on 31st May 2018.

He has advised however, that truck drivers should endeavour to avoid routes or areas where protests or demonstrations are reported or occurring.

He Mentioned that his office will continue to monitor the situation.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali First Secretary
Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission Pretoria South Africa



Pretoria Saturday 19th May 2018

Zambia’s award Winning scientific researcher Professor Kelly Chibale has called on government to invest in scientific infrastructure to enable Zambian scientists realise their potential.

Professor Chibale who was recently recognised as one of 50 greatest leaders in the world for the year 2018 says infrastructure development is the basis on which ground breaking research would flourish.

Speaking at the University of Capetown in South Africa, Prof Chibale observed that Zambia has the potential and talent to produce world class researchers.

He says networking and globally aligned scientific projects were important as science was universal.There needs to be focus on world class research that addresses local problems and challenges with attendant training in the Zambian context and environment.

He observed that Zambian scientists need global partnerships in order to tap into other networks for the things they didn’t at home .

Prof Chibale noted that a dedicated team of Scientists with integrated skills was also important in the field of scientific research as it complemented the needs of the project.

He has since urged Zambian Scientists to come up with globally aligned projects in order to attract global funding as financial resources were competitive world over.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba has commended Prof Chibale for the good humanitarian work his doing in improving the lives of people.

He says Zambia was happy that his positive contribution to human lives was recognised globally, hence, flying Zambia’s Flag High.

Prof Chibale is currently leading a team of over 90 researchers in the fields of chemistry biology and pharmacology with a focus discovery of potential medicines to treat Malaria TB and resistant infections of bacterial origin in efforst to combat antimicrobial resistance. This reasrch is happening at H3D Africa’s First Integrated drug discovery and research Centre at the university of Cape town

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First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
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Pretoria -Thursday, 26th April, 2018

The University of Pretoria in South Africa has distanced itself from a media statement issued by Michelo Hansangule, who is Chairman, Africa Centre for Good Governance and Professor of Law at the institution calling on the United Nations Secretary General to recall United Nations Resident Coordinator in Zambia Janet Rogan.

In a letter dated 24th April ,2018 University’s Registrar Professor Caroline Nicholson says Professor Hansungule did not follow procedure or seek clearance from the Vice Chancellor and Principal of the University when he commented on governance issues in Zambia.

The University says it is concerned that Professor Hansungule expressed his personal opinion using the name of the university by using its letterhead to issue a statement without being authorised by the institution.
and did not represent the official opinion of either the Centre for Human Rights or the University of Pretoria
The Registrar has since assured the Zambian Mission in Pretoria that the University will take steps to ensure that the error of judgement of Professor Hansungule in using an official letterhead for his statement of opinion will not be repeated.
The University’s reaction follows a letter written to the Institution by Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba on the 19th of April ,2018 who sought clarification from the University whether frequent statements issued by Professor Hansungule concerning local Zambian political issues using the University’s letterhead stationery, were a reflection of the institution’s views.

The Registrar disclosed that Professor Hansungule has since been made to revoke his statement and has apologised to management for the use of the Centre’s letterhead to express his personal opinions.

Professor Nicholson stressed that the opinion expressed in the particular statement dated 14th April 2018 on UN Resident Coordinator in Zambia, were an expression of personal opinion of Professor Hansungule and did not represent the official opinion of either the Centre for Human Rights or the University of Pretoria.

The Registrar has since assured the Zambian Mission in Pretoria that the University will take steps to ensure that the error of judgement of Professor Hansungule in using an official letterhead for his statements or opinions was not repeated.

Mr. Mwamba expressed concern that most of the issues that Professor Hansungule raised particularly his letter to the Administrator of the United Nations Development Program in New York regarding the recall of Janet Rogan who is the UN Resident Coordinator for Zambia appeared to represent the official position of the University of Pretoria.

Mr. Mwamba has since thanked the University for its prompt response to the High Commission’s concerns.
He also expressed gratitude that the University management had shown it’s determination to correct or rectify the misrepresentations made by Prof. Hansungule.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
Zambia’s High Commission, South Africa.
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Pretoria -Wednesday, 18th April, 2018

Parliamentary Committee on Parastatal bodies says it will enforce sanctions on parastatals and other state owned enterprises that are performing poorly.

Committee chairperson Peter Daka, who is also Msanzala Member of Parliament, says parastatals and state owned enterprise should be successful in implementing their mandates without government’s help.

He said the parastatals were created to help improve the local economy and create job opportunities for many Zambians.

Mr. Daka said his committee has legal powers to recommend for sanctions against parastatals and state owned enterprises that were failing to bring benefits to government and the people of Zambia

He urged the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) to play a proactive role in sourcing for funding and recapitalisation of parastatals to ensure that they were successfully performing according to their mandates.

Mr. Daka was speaking in Pretoria South Africa when he led a team of committee members on an in-depth study tour of the management and operation of the South African Industrial Development Corporation and other State Owned Enterprises.
And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba says State owned enterprises still play vital role in improving domestic economies.

He said the South African model of managing parastatals demonstrated a good example that Zambia needed to maintain the idea of having functioning state owned enterprises.

Mr. Mwamba noted that the Parliamentary Committee’s study to South Africa was timely as the country was running some of the world’s largest and successful parastatals that have helped to prop-up that country’s economy.

The full Committee on Parastatal Bodies comprises; Hon PETER Daka(Msanzala), Patricia Mwashingwele(Katuba), Mulowa Mukumbuta(Senanga), Brian Kambita(Zambezi East), Mumbi Phiri(nominated), Anthony Kasandwe (Bangweulu), Gift Chiyalika(Lufubu),Mutotwe Kafwayaya(Lunte), and Moono Lubezhi(Namwala), Douglas Siakalima(Chirundu).

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