Energy Sector

With its vast water resources and coal reserves, Zambia offers abundant investment opportunities for hydroelectric power generation, supply and distribution. The country has well over 6,000 MW of hydroelectric generating potential, and only 2,393MW has been developed. Demand for the other forms of energy which include renewable energies has also seen significant growth in the recent years.

Zambia is in hurry to increase power to meet the growing demand. The demand for energy, electricity in particular has been growing at an average rate of about 3 percent per annul mainly due to the increased economic activity in the country especially in the agriculture, manufacturing and mining sectors, as well as increased activity in the region on the continent.

To increase power generation capacity a number of projects are being undertaken. These include:

  1. Kariba North Bank extension (360MW)
  2. Kafue Gorge Lower Hydro (750 MW).  This project is critical for Zambia and the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP);
  3. Itezhi-tezhi Hydro Power Project (120MW)
  4. The 300 to 900 megawatts thermal power plant by Maamba Collieries

The following power generation projects, which are predominantly hydro, are among several others open for investment;

a)    Kafue Gorge Lower on Kafue river with an estimated 750 MW estimated capacity;

b)    Batoka Gorge on Zambezi river with an estimated capacity of 1600 MW;

c)     Devils Gorge on Zambezi river with estimated capacity of 800MW; and

d)    Mpata Gorge with an estimated capacity of 540 MW.