Pretoria –Friday, 8th June, 2018

FORMER Republican President Mr. Rupiah Banda says investors have shown deep confidence in the Zambian economy by investing in different sectors of the country

Mr Banda says Zambia has seen an increase in investment portfolios by different investors due to the growing confidence in the Zambian economy.

Speaking at the launch of additional flit for Time Trucking Company ,a Zambian registered trucking company In Boksburg South Africa, He said the increasing confidence of investors in the Zambian economy will help create employment for the local people.

Mr Banda said he was happy that Zambia was strengthening its international diplomacy with other countries, particularly South Africa, as this will increase bilateral trade between the two countries.

He called on Zambian business entities to take advantage of the existing good relations between the two countries to expand their business operations by investing in the transportation sector.

Mr. Banda observed that the sector was cardinal to the development of the two economies as it would help to ease the transportation of goods and services

Mrs Naomi Nyawali
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