Key Relations

Zambia and South Africa have such a rich history and continue to enjoy warm relations for the benefit of our two peoples.  The governing ANC of South Africa continues to shower Zambia with unsolicited gratitude for providing sanctuary to liberation movements in the sub-region during the struggle for Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe’s self-determination.

South Africa has become one of our main source market in so far as tourist arrivals are concerned. Most of the holidaymakers to Zambia are from South Africa. Statistically, Zambia is now a proven tourist destination.



History of relations with South Africa

Formal relations were established in May 1992 with the opening of Representative Offices. South Africa opened its office in Lusaka in October 1992, while Zambia reciprocated in June 1993. Full diplomatic relations were established on 10 May 1994. Upon South Africa’s return to the Commonwealth, relations with Zambia have been conducted at the level of High Commission.