South African university targets Zambian students

PRETORIA, Friday, 6th June, 2014 – ZAMBIA has been selected as one of the African countries from which University of Limpopo of South Africa plans to recruit students as part of a crusade to expand its base of international students.

A team of academic staff from Limpopo will be in Zambia next month to hold meetings with various schools across the country during which they will show case what the institution has to offer as well as discuss the available incentives for prospecting students.

Director of International Affairs at Limpopo University, Dr Hlulani Mabasa, said in Pretoria that his institution was impressed with the academic performance and general conduct of the current Zambian students and wanted to give more opportunities to Zambians as part of the university’s strategy to also raise its international profile. 12 Zambian students are currently studying at University of Limpopo.

Dr. Mabasa was speaking when his team met First Secretary for Education at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria, Mrs. Emmerentiana Bweupe. He was accompanied by Recruitment Practitioner, Ms. Busisiwe Makwerela and Recruitment Assistant, Ms. Pamela Maseko.

He said the university will also visit schools in three countries in West Africa, another three countries in East Africa and six others in the SADC region.

Dr. Hlulani said the expansion of the institution’s base of international students was in line with the university’s motto of ‘Finding Solutions For Africa’.

“We believe we can only find these solutions from the knowledge sharing point of view. We believe we can achieve this by bringing a cross-section of people in one place. So in all that we are doing, we are answering the question in our motto,” he explained.

“We have been impressed with Zambian students currently at the university and we thought of attracting even more because we believe they are best suited to help us raise our international profile,” he added.

Dr. Hlulani said the university was targeting students at both ‘A’ Level and General Certificate level of education.

University of Limpopo offers courses from undergraduate right through to PHD level. Some of the courses are in the Schools of Medicine; Health Care Sciences; Health Sciences; Pathology and Pre-Clinical Sciences; Languages and Communication Studies; Social Sciences; Education; Law; Economics and Management; Agriculture and Environmental Sciences; Mathematical and Computer Sciences; Accountancy; Molecular and Life Sciences, and Oral Health Sciences.

And Mrs. Bweupe said Zambia had a huge population of people seeking university education and that the program embarked on by the university would help to address the issue.

She thanked University of Limpopo for considering Zambia as a worthy partner in the exercise and assured that the Mission in Pretoria will help in facilitating the visit to Zambia by the university.

Issued by:

Nicky Shabolyo