Zambia ranked third out of 50 travel destinations

PRETORIA, Friday, 6th June, 2014 – ZAMBIA is poised to becoming one of the top three favoured travel destinations in the next 10 years.

According to an article carried by the American-based website, ‘Business Insider’, travellers were now looking to lesser-known destinations for their next trip.

The website points out that ‘Love Home Swap’ compiled a list of the top 50 up-and-coming countries to watch, based on data from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). They compared growth figures for each country by looking at the annual growth per year figures for travel and tourism’s direct contribution to the country’s GDP between 2014 and 2024.

The list was dominated by countries in Africa, with Namibia taking the number one spot. Sixteen other African countries made the list, including Zambia at number three, Angola at four, and Cameroon, 16.

Several Asian countries also made the list, including China (No. 5), Burma (No. 7), Cambodia (No. 8), and Thailand (No. 9).

The website says although some of these destinations do not necessarily have the infrastructure ready yet to support tourism, they are building up hotels, restaurants, and shops that cater to foreign visitors and promoting themselves as top tourist destinations.

It says top traditional travel destinations get a lot of visitors each year such that trips to these places can be disappointing experiences filled with crowded tourist sites, over-priced hotels, and bad restaurants.

The website further takes note of Zambia’s seven percent gross domestic product growth rate and describes the country as one of the most peaceful in Africa, making it a popular destination. Visitors can explore a wealth of national parks, along with the stunning Victoria Falls.

‘Business Insider’ also points out that developments in the mining sector have attracted significant foreign investment which in turn has boosted infrastructure and tourism.
Meanwhile, CNN has ranked the helicopter flights at the Victoria Falls in Zambia as the most amazing way to experience Africa from the air.
Forming part of the latest ‘Inside Africa’ coverage, CNN’s Joe Yogerst, says with fully open side doors, the 13-passenger helicopter ride above the Zambezi River is a far-reaching way to experience Africa’s largest waterfall.
The Huey Helicopter Flights at Victoria Falls was measured against 10 other selected aerial activities through which to experience Africa. These are the Private Flying Safari of Namibia and Botswana; the Table Mountain Cableway of South Africa; the Nile High Bungee of Uganda; Skydiving of Kenya, and Climbing the West Face at Mulanje in Malawi.
Others are Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; Busanga Plains Hot Air Balloon Trip in Zambia; the Microlight Flights over Kruger National Park of South Africa; Cairo Tower of Egypt, and the Tsitsikamma Zipline of South Africa.
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Nicky Shabolyo