For persons who wish to bestow their Zambia Citizenship, the procedure is as
1. Complete Bestowal of Citizenship Application Form (Form VII)
2. Pay prescribed fee of Three Hundred and Fifty Rand (R350=00)
3. Mission to forward duly completed form to Passport Office, Lusaka
– Attach supporting documents to Applications
4. Upon Citizenship Board Approval, letters of approval will be sent back to the
5. Applicants will be requested to complete an Oath of Allegiance and pay Five
Thousand Five Hundred Rand. (R5,500=00) for the Certificate of Bestowal.
6. Oath of Allegiance and receipt for payment should be forwarded to Passport
Office, Lusaka; for issuance of Certificate of Bestowal.
7. Certificate of Bestowal will be forwarded to the Mission for onward
transmission to the Applicant.
Dual Citizenship Guidelines for
Children below the age of 18years

Below 18years of age
All children below 18years of age holding South African Citizenship can apply for
Zambian passports as long as at the time of birth both parents or one parent was/ is

Above 18years of age
For children above 18years of age holding South African Citizenship, they will first
need to apply for Zambian Registration.

Supporting Documents to submit for
Bestowal of Citizenship
– National Registration Card Copy
– Zambian Passport Copy
– Current Foreign Passport Copy
– Renunciation Certificate Applicant Renounced
– Parents National Registration Card Copies if available
– Birth Certificate Copy if available
– Four Passport size copies
– Finger Prints from the Police
– Application Fee of R350=00 to be deposited into the Zambia High
Commission Account