Livestock and Pets


For the importation of any livestock or livestock product and pets into Zambia from another country, it is always obligatory to obtain a Veterinary Permit from the Department of Research & Specialist Services (formally the Department of Veterinary & Tsetse Control Services). The Permit so obtained stipulates the conditions under which the importation will be carried out and which conditions the veterinary authorities of the exporting country must follow in preparing a Health Certificate.

The importer must first obtain an Import Permit from the headquarters of the department in Mulungushi House, Lusaka. This could be done through a contact person in Lusaka. The conditions contained on the permit are dependant on the type of livestock, pet or product, the country of origin and its disease status and the purpose for importing them.

The Import Permit so obtained must then be sent to the Veterinary authorities of the exporting country, who will use it as a guide to prepare a Health Certificate which must accompany the animals or products on entry into Zambia. The Permit issued in Zambia must also accompany the animals or products.

On arrival at destination, the importer MUST inform the nearest Veterinary Officer of the arrival of the products or animals, for the purpose of inspecting them.


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