Manufacturing Sector

The government has been forceful in introducing policies to stimulate economic growth and specifically in the manufacturing sector. The main emphasis has been on food processing and textile production. The growth potential in other industries is vast. Support measures designed to aid manufacturing enterprises in non-traditional sectors are being implemented

The Government has been working at expanding the country’s manufacturing base by reducing the cost of doing business through various initiatives. Currently, the Government is promoting the establishment of multi-facility economic zones (MFEZ) by providing fiscal incentives, quality infrastructure and a conducive regulatory environment to developers of these zones.

Government focus has been on facilitating creation of economic zones and industrial parks through land identification, Infrastructure provision (roads, water and sanitation, electricity). The following Zones are available:

  • Chambeshi Zone has commenced operations
  • New Zones in Lusaka-East,
  • Lusaka-South and Lumwana are in progress