Zambia and Argentina embark on strenghtening cooperation

PRETORIA – Saturday, 16th August, 2014 – ZAMBIA and Argentina have agreed to revive various areas of cooperation for the development and benefit of the peoples of the two countries.
Argentina has since indicated that it will organise a visit to Zambia by its minister of agriculture by the end of November this year so that the two countries could agree on areas of cooperation in the agricultural sector.
The development follows a meeting between Agriculture and Livestock Minister, Wylbur Simuusa and Argentina’s Ambassador to South Africa, Carlos Sersale di Cerisano in Johannesburg on Friday. The meeting was also attended by Ms. Natalia Handrujovicz, in charge of technical cooperation at the embassy of Argentina in South Africa; Deputy Director in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. David Mundia and First Secretary for Economic and Trade at Zambia’s High Commission in South Africa, Mr. Mande Kauseni. Mr. Sersale di Cerisano also takes care of affairs relating to Zambia, among other countries in the region.