The Zambian High Commission in Pretoria ,South Africa is next month scheduled to conduct Immigration Clinics across the country in a bid to address immigration challenges faced by some Zambians living in that country.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba says another awareness forum will be held in collaboration with the South African Home Affairs Department following increased reports of deportations and arrests of Zambians facing immigration related challenges.

Mr Mwamba disclosed that the exercise would also involve the Association of Zambians in South Africa (ZASA).

And Mr Mwamba said the planned countrywide Immigration Clinics would be beneficial to the Zambian community as it would give an opportunity to Zambians to update their documents.

He said that with the newly adopted Diapsora Policy by government encouraged Zambians abroad to be beneficial through their contributions to their home country

He noted that the were over 15 thousand Zambians living in that country and their material, financial, experience and other contributions could be significant to the home economy and its policies.

And speaking at a meeting held at the chancery with the national executive committee of ZASA, Mr Mwamba who is also Patron of the Association said he was pleased that ZASA would hold its Annual General Meeting in April 2018 to help resolve issues that had arisen in the year.
He said he was pleased to receive a report that an audited financial reports will be tabled for the AGN’s adoption.

He called for unity,good behaviour and law abiding community of Zambians in order to promote positive image about Zambia.

He said it was a duty of every Zambian to speak well of their country.

And Zambia Association in South Africa (ZASA)president Fernand Simanya welcomed the initiative to have immigration clinics in different region of South Africa.

He urged Zambians to register with his association as it helped members in time of distress and challenges.

Others that attended the meeting included Catholic Priest Father Harrison Mulenga and ZASA first president Joseph Kawimbe.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali

First Secretary press and public relations
Zambia High Commission, South Africa