GOVERNMENT says many Zambians living in Diaspora have shown interest in investing back home after Parliament adopted the dual citizenship in the constitution amendment bill.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that Zambians living abroad are eagerly waiting for President Lungu to assent to the bill so that it becomes law.
Kalaba said most Zambians living in foreign countries feel that President Lungu has achieved a lasting legacy over the new constitution and are now willing to be part of Zambia’s development agenda.
“Zambians living in Diaspora are happy that the dual citizenship clause was adopted in the Constitution Amendment Bill.
“The absence of such a law has had a lot of restrictions for Zambians living outside the country. Zambians living in Diaspora are now expressing interest to invest back home,” he said.
Kalaba said Zambia has many educated people abroad working as engineers, doctors and nurses who should come back and bring their skills home with no restrictions.
He said his ministry will soon finalise working on the Diaspora Policy to enable more Zambians living abroad to come back home and invest in various sectors of the economy.
Kalaba said the government is working hard to adopt the policy because many Zambians abroad have shown interest in participating in national affairs.
He said Government values the skills, financial and other valuable resources Zambians living abroad can contribute to the country.