Zambians hold mass in Jo’burg

PRETORIA – Tuesday, 22nd July, 2014 – ZAMBIAN Catholics resident in South Africa on Sunday held Mass in Johannesburg to pray for Zambia and its leaders

Father Joachim Malungu, who presided over the Mass, asked for God’s intercession so that leaders could be wise in their decisions and that “they may know that all they are doing is for the Lord and should do it with the love for the people that follow them.”

m_CHURCH 1The Mass, also attended by Zambia High Commission First Secretary for Political and Administration, Mr. Milton Phiri, and First Secretary for Economic and Trade issues, Mr. Mande Kauseni, was held at the Cathedral of Christ The King in Johannesburg.

In his Homily, and after reading from Mathew 13:24-43, Father Malungu urged human beings not to merely focus on their interests but also take into consideration the desires of other people. He said people should not let earthily things such as politics to divide them.

  He urged people to emulate Jesus Christ who lived on earth for 33 years and taught about love throughout his life.

m_CHURCH 2“Jesus taught us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves but more than 2, 000 years after this message, we have not shown that we are living in that way. Jesus was good to his parents and all other people that he met. We need to be good to mankind and be part of those who enhance harmony on earth.”

Father Malungu bemoaned the escalation of evil such as abductions, rape and defilement saying that it proved that humans were not any wiser than animals for as long as such activities continued.

Citing various vices across the world, Father Malungu pointed out that such things were happening because of the love of money by some people.

“If humans are wise, why are we failing to defeat bad behaviour. Then we are nothing, we are not intelligent nor are we wise,” he said.

m_CHURCH 3The priest also prayed for the recovery of President Sata’s son, Kazimu, and Musambachime Muyofu, who are admitted to Milpark Hospital. The two sustained injuries after the vehicle they were traveling in overturned in Kitwe last week.

Secretary for the Zambian Catholic Community in South Africa, Ms. Charity Phiri, said the idea was mooted with the aim of enabling Zambians to congregate in one place at least once every month. She appealed to all Catholics resident in South Africa to join in and attend future church services. 


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